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Unique French Cakes And Petits Gâteaux

Unique French cakes and petits gâteaux

Indulge your guests with one of these original cakes.
Mon Petit Choux offers a range of celebration cakes inspired by the real French patisserie.

All these delicious cakes are baked fresh to order, please provide 3 FULL days notice prior to expected delivery/pick up date.



A fresh strawberry cake filled with pistachio mousseline cream and fresh strawberries on top of an almond sponge moistened with rose syrup.

Individual**: $7.60

Large (22cm): $49.50


Spiced Opéra

A base of spiced joconde moistened with orange syrup, layered with coffee buttercream and Grand Marnier dark chocolate ganache, finished with a chocolate glaze and topped with glazed orange.

Individual**: $7.60

Large (20x20cm): $50


Charlotte des îles

A tropical flavoured cake with a base of coconut sponge moistened with lime syrup, filled with a coconut and passionfruit bavarois and fresh marinated pineapple, topped with glazed lime. Ladyfingers surround the bavarois.

Individual**: $7.30

Large (20cm): $45.00



An intense dark chocolate mousse cake with a layer of crispy feuillantine and a center of raspberry jelly, on a base of hazelnut and almond dacquoise. Finished with a dark chocolate velvet glaze.

Individual**: $7.90

Large (22cm): $52.00


Saint Honoré

A classic French dessert made with a base of puff pastry, filled with pastry cream surrounded by filled profiteroles and topped with chantilly.
3 flavours available: vanilla, chocolate and pistachio.

Individual**: $7.50

Large (22cm): $46.50



A large hazelnut macaron filled with rum ganache and apples cooked “façon tatin” (cooked in salted caramel and butter).

Individual**: $7.60

Large (22cm): $48.00

Mon Petit Choux extra: add $3 and get a personalised plaque to celebrate the moment.

The appearance may slightly differ from the website photos due to the creative licence of the chef, but the taste remains of the highest standard.
Please note for these cakes we require 3 FULL days notice. Please contact Marion for further details. Merci 🙂

** A minimum of 8 is required

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