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Unique French Morning And Afternoon Tea Cakes

Unique French morning and afternoon tea cakes

Afternoon tea is very precious in France. That’s why Mon petit Choux recreates a range of delicious afternoon tea cakes, also suitable for a morning tea.

All these delicious cakes are baked fresh to order, please provide 3 FULL days notice prior to expected delivery/pick up date.


Chocolate Moelleux

A rich and soft chocolate cake. It can be served cold or warm with ice-cream or Chantilly (whipped cream with sugar and vanilla).

Mini* (in shape of a cupcake): $3.20

Individual**: $6.50

Large (22cm): $26



A sweet and dense vanilla flan filled with cherries. It can be served with a fruit coulis.

Mini*: $3.10

Individual**: $6.70

large (22cm): $26


Paris Brest

A ring of choux pastry topped with almond flakes, and filled with praline mousseline cream and caramelised hazelnuts and almonds.

Individual**: $6.80

Large (22cm): $30.50

Mon Petit Choux extra: add $3 and get a personalised plaque to celebrate the moment.

Please note for these cakes we require 3 FULL days notice. Please contact Marion for further details. Merci 🙂
* For catering only. A minimum of 10 is required. See “service” section for more details about catering.

** A minimum of 8 is required

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