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Unique French Tarts

Unique French tarts

Nothing is more delightful than finishing a dinner with a nice and simple dessert.
A tart is a perfect way to thank your host or treat your guests.

All these delicious cakes are baked fresh to order, please provide 3 FULL days notice prior to expected delivery/pick up date.


Lemon Meringue

A tart made with a crispy lemon pastry filled with lemon curd and decorated with burnt meringue.

Mini*: $4.00

Individual**: $6.30

Large (23cm): $31.00


Almond and apple tart

A sweet tart made of almond pastry, almond cream and fresh apple, caramelized with raw sugar and dusted with cinnamon.

Mini*: $4.00

Individual**: $6.30

Large (23cm): $28.50


Spiced biscuit and passionfruit chocolate tart

A chocolate pastry with a layer of crunchy spiced biscuit filled with passionfruit dark chocolate ganache.

Mini*: $4.20

Individual**: $6.40

Large (23cm): $29


Mixed berry tart

An almond pastry filled with pastry cream and finished with fresh berries and chantilly.
3 flavours available: vanilla, chocolate and pistachio.

Mini*: $4.50

Individual**: $6.90

Large (23cm): $31

Mon Petit Choux extra: add $3 and get a personalised plaque to celebrate the moment.

Please note for these tarts we require 3 FULL days notice. Please contact Marion for further details. Merci 🙂
* For catering only. A minimum of 10 is required. See “service” section for more details about catering.

** A minimum of 8 is required

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